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Latehar town is District Headquarter of Latehar District and is one of the most beautiful scenic districts of Jharkhand. Being a District Headquarter, it is obviously focal point of all the economic and political activities in the district. Below you’ll find all the important information about this town. Right from its economy to existing conditions of all important utility services. Besides, we’ve also covered few worthwhile tourist destinations located in and around this town.

About Latehar
Latehar Railway Station

History of Latehar

Once Latehar town was part of Palamu and so share lot with the history of Palamu. Many tribal kingdoms ruled this region for substantial period. There were actually three tribal kingdoms that dominated this region. They were namely Kharwars, Oraons and Cheros. These three powerful tribal kingdoms during their hey days had to face constant challenge from Mughals and Britishers. Mughals and British did succeed in making considerable dent in this region, with Britishers obviously ending as final victorious party. The Britishers marked their decisive victory by conquering the all important Palamu fort in 1832.

Economy of Latehar

Owing to very minimal presence of industries and service sector companies, people of Latehar region are largely dependent on agricultural sector for their livelihood. Locals here are also equally dependent on local forest industry and animal husbandry for their sustenance. However, here we’ll dwell more into agricultural sector, as it is by far the most dominant sector here. To start with, we’d first like to tell you about names of all the crops grown in huge quantity here. Then they are Paddy, Maize, Cereals, Wheat and Oil seeds. Helping in huge production of these crops are factors like availability of fertile soil and good annual rainfall. However, over the years agriculture’s domination has been challenged by growing urbanization in the town, but that hasn’t changed its status quo as a most dominant sector.

Administration Latehar

Latehar town does not have any Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council to look after its day-to-day civic administration. Here all the important civic administration is undertaken under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner, who is actually head of the entire district. Here Deputy Commissioner is also head of various agencies and organizations involved in various development works. The current Deputy Commissioner is Mr Balmukund Jha. Mr Balmukund Jha is assisted by various assistants and subordinates in discharging various civic responsibilities.

Deputy Commissioner in Latehar
Mr Balmukund Jha

DDC, Latehar
Shakeel Jabbar
9431178592 Dr. Shantanu Kumar Agrahari - SDO Latehar: 9472752385
Anil Kumar - Additional Collector - 9934957873

Healthcare Services in Palamu

Hospitals in Latehar
Healthcare Services

Condition of healthcare services is satisfactory. All that this town boosts is very few hospitals and even basic services like chemist shops and clinics are very scarcely available. Owing to lack of reliable medical infrastructure, locals here have no option but migrate to other cities for medical treatment. Locals/patients of Latehar region mostly migrate to either Ranchi or Daltonganj city for medical treatment. To reverse this situation of migrating patients, authorities would but obviously have to take desperate steps to improve local healthcare infrastructure. One of the possible things that they can do is to increase number of Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC) and Community Healthcare Centers (CHC) across the region.

Carmel Hospital
Address: Mahuadanr, Latehar H O, Latehar – 829206
Phone no: +(91)-9430742110

Jawed Medical
Address: Late Murtuja Complex, Thana Chouk Balumath, Bazar Road Balumath, Latehar H O, Latehar – 829206
Phone no: +(91)-6565-268711, +(91)-9334168700

Transportation in Latehar

Auto rickshaws services are available in this town, but as of today number of auto rickshaws plying across the town isn’t really high. Nonetheless, one can still find auto rickshaws in all the important locations of the town. This includes areas like railway station, bus stand area, main market area, district court area etc. Another important thing you as a reader need to know is that here auto rickshaws operate on sharing basis and not meter basis. Now coming to important aspect of connectivity, then via train this town is directly connected to many of the important cities of Jharkhand state and also few cities in neighboring state. This is obviously all thanks to Latehar Railway Station, from where direct trains to important cities like Ranchi, DaltonGanj, Bokaro, Tatanagar, Delhi, Patna and Gaya are available.

Tourist Attractions in Latehar

Since Latehar region is gifted with bounty of nature’s beauty, it is very obvious that this place will have some really beautiful tourist spots. Well, there are essentially famous two tourist spots located in and around Latehar town that are absolutely must visit.

Profile of Latehar
Betla National Park

Netarhat Hills Station: Located quite far away from Latehar town is the beautiful hills station called Netarhat. Like all famous hills station, even this hills station offers scintillating views of nature. Be it majestic view of sun rise and sun set or be it picturesque view of lush green hill or be it merely enjoying pollution free and noise free surrounding. With so much to offer, here you’ll find reasons to fall in love with Mother Nature. As for how to reach this hills station, then nearest railway station is Barwadih Railway Junction, Located just 15 kms from Netarhat hills station. It well connected to Latehar Railway Station via daily and weekly trains.

Betla National Park: Although Betla National Park is not very famous outside Jharkhand state, but its amazing flora and fauna will leave you baffled about its unpopularity. However, we’d like to bring to your notice that continuous illegal hunting has somewhat reduced number of animals living here. That said, this park still has quite sufficient number of wildlife animals and anyways this park’s amazing flora and lush greenery on its own can make your trip pretty worthwhile.

Banking Services in Latehar

Currently only few PSU banks are operating their branches here. Private banks are absolutely nonexistent here. This dire situation can be attributed to Laethar region’s underdeveloped economy and its overall non lucrative market, which is clearly deterring many reputed banks, especially private banks, to open their branches here. We can only hope that in near future few more PSU banks will come forward and open their branches here. Owing to minimal presence of banks, locals here still have to be dependent on private money lenders for cheap credit.

Canara Bank
Address: Canara Bank, Bus Stand Road, Dharampur, Latehar, Pin Code -829206
Phone no: Not available
IFSC Code: CNRB0004901

Address: Opposite Water Tank , Main Road Latehar - 829206
Phone no: 9431927280, 9507109798
IFSC Code: IBKL0001350

Bank of Baroda
Address: Main Road, Thana Chowk, At Po Latehar, Jharkhand 829206
Phone no: Not available

United Bank Of India
Address: Rathore complex, District: Latehar, Jharkhand, Pin - 829206
Phone no: (06565)248524

Safety and Security in Latehar

For many decades now Latehar region has been continuously suffering from naxal insurgencies. Therefore the region is included in ‘red corridor zone’, an official term used to classify naxal insurgent areas. To cope with naxal violence adequate numbers of CRPF official have been deployed in this region. Besides, local police official are also continuously on their toes to quell any kind of naxal violence. And it is to their credit that naxal activities are mainly restricted to interior region of the district. This only means that main city of Latehar is relatively free from naxal violence, but one still cannot overrule the fact that shadow of naxal violence continues to loom over this city.

Latehar at a glance

Country: India
State: Jharkhand
District: Latehar
Elevation: 387 m (1,270 ft)
Languages: Hindi, Santali

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